Just two crazy kids!

Lyn & Donna Geisler

Lyn and Donna moved to Mexico in January 2018. Their goal was to live a calmer life, teach English and Mathematics, and experience life in another culture.

What more do you need in life than a zest for adventure and a partner to help you experience it all!

We love our life! After two years living in Querétaro, Mexico, we are ready, once again, to start something new.

We invite you to check out our adventures through Donna’s blog, and enjoy the journey along with us.

Oh, and of course, if you are interested in learning English or Math, we offer classes in both. Be sure to check out the Learning English & Math page for details!

A little more about us.

Lyn has a PhD in math and Donna has a BA in English literature. Both are experienced teachers and advisors.