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Hi, I’m Donna. Previously retired. Before that, writer and marketing consultant. Before that, …. does it matter? Currently teaching EFL in Mexico and writing about all the adventures hubby and I are having.

Welcome 2022

So glad to see 2021 bite the dust. Welcome 2022!

Another year bites the dust.

Feature Photo: September Girls Trip to Cancun (more info below). I can’t believe it is mid-December 2021. Does anyone else feel like they’re stuck a dystopian novel? I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. The last two years have both dragged by and flown by. We’ve been in Merida now for 11Continue reading “Another year bites the dust.”

August already?

How is it that we’ve been here since February and I still feel so, well, unsettled? Soon, Donna, paciencia amiga. January (and your new HOME) will be here before you know it! We’ve been in the “newest” house for two months now. It’s fine. Modern, spacious, great pool, close to everything, but we’re still notContinue reading “August already?”


I’m pretty sure I have an older post with a similar name. I guess it’s because we just keep moving, moving, MOVING! Once again we are headed into another house. This time, we are signing a lease for a year, although we will probably only be there 7-8 months. The good news is that weContinue reading “Changes”


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