Random Thoughts (& Poodles!)

Hi, I’m Donna. Previously retired. Before that, writer and marketing consultant. Before that, …. does it matter? Currently teaching EFL in Mexico and writing about all the adventures hubby and I are having.

Did you read it?

I recently read the Executive Summary from the January 6 Select Committee. Wow. Bombshell!

Word of the Year: Unprecedented

Wow, ending 2022 with a referral to indict a former president of the United States is, indeed, unprecedented. Completely. Never in the history of the US has this happened before. And, in my opinion, never before has someone so totally deserved the charges the congressional committee has set forth in it’s final hearing. The question…

The frustration continues…

Oh me, oh my, when will it ever end? It is now mid-December. We have lived in our house since September. And yet, we still don’t have the closing documents. The delays are interminable, and I am running out of patience. “But you are in the house,” you say, so what’s the biggie? Well, you…

The House!

We’ve moved in! Here are some pics for you! As you can see, we’ve all adjusted, even Buster, our newest addition! He’s happy to finally be an “indoor” cat!


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