Random Thoughts (& Poodles!)

Hi, I’m Donna. Previously retired. Before that, writer and marketing consultant. Before that, …. does it matter? Currently teaching EFL in Mexico and writing about all the adventures hubby and I are having.

Wow. Who’d a-believed it?

Since the pandemic started some 8 months ago, Lyn and I have had a steady flow of people ringing our doorbell. Usually, it is someone politely begging or trying to sell nopales or other things. We also get the usual drop-offs of utility bills, meter readers and grocery deliveries. Otherwise, not much happens around here.Continue reading “Wow. Who’d a-believed it?”

No news is good news.

(Don’t you just love this photo? Wow.) And now for the news A month ago, Lyn and I bought a house at the beach near Progreso. Since the initial paperwork, we’ve heard nothing. Until yesterday. I checked in with our realtor, Jennifer Flores at Buy Mexico Real Estate, who told me that everything was stillContinue reading “No news is good news.”

Storm over the Caribbean


As Hurricane Delta barrels down on the Yucatan, I find myself wondering what the hell we were thinking when we bought a house a literal stone’s throw from the Caribbean. While news outlets can’t agree whether it’s the third or the ninth storm of the season (wide gap there, guys), they do agree on itContinue reading “Weather”


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