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Hi, I’m Donna. Previously retired. Before that, writer and marketing consultant. Before that, …. does it matter? Currently teaching EFL in Mexico and writing about all the adventures hubby and I are having.

Life’s a beach!

“Can you send somebody now? Please?” I implored the woman on the phone frantically from my car parked in front of our next Airbnb, my voice an octave higher than normal. “Donna. Take it down a notch. She’s only trying to help,” Lyn, who was sitting beside me, chimed in. “Don’t tell me how toContinue reading “Life’s a beach!”

The beach in Chelem

Adventures in a new land.

Since I wrote last, a lot has happened (or not, depending on your point of view). First, we successfully navigated the passport renewal process and received our new 10-year passports within two weeks! Amazing! We immediately forwarded them on to the realtors in order to complete the purchase of our home. That was last week.Continue reading “Adventures in a new land.”

After Arrival

In my last post, I described the arduous drive from Querétaro to Merida. Here’s what has been happening since. Our Airbnb We booked a cute little Airbnb for a month, figuring that we would need at least that long to conclude the purchase of our home and get some initial repairs done. It is aContinue reading “After Arrival”

Finally, we have arrived!

Nevertheless, I knew that, without doing something different, the trip would end in Izzy’s funeral and our divorce. Neither of those were acceptable alternatives, so I tried with all of my power to make the final day of our journey not miserable.


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