Certified TEFL Teachers!

Our time here has come to an end. We are through with our course and received our certificates today. We also had to have photos done for the official certificates that will come from the Mexican government. Woot!

While I´m thrilled to be done with the course, I am also sorry to see it end. Raul was such an amazing instructor, I wish I could take another course with him. They do have additional courses, but I´m afraid Lyn and I must now get to work.

On that note…

Querétaro Bound

We have decided to head to Querétaro once we close up our house. Even though we don´t yet have jobs, we are confident that we will find something teaching business English for a language center or school temporarily while we wait for more permanent positions. In that way, we can support ourselves, albeit not lavishly, and be in a city where there are more opportunities for us. We could stay here in Vallarta, but then we would have to move again. Somehow moving once with five animals is stressful. Doing it twice might kill us!

It will be sad to leave Puerto Vallarta. We have come to love it here. You can´t beat the fresh seafood and the gorgeous beaches. We have made friends within our group, as well as on our own, and we surely will miss them! Thank goodness for WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime!

Favorite Restaurants

Of the many places we have eaten, our favorite is Pasta Fresca. They make pasta fresh there, not just for their restaurant, but for many of the hotels and other restaurants in the area. You can watch them making the pasta while you are waiting for your dinner.

Not only is the pasta divine, the tiramisu was the best we´ve ever had. Truly.

Bachas is another restaurant we have been to more than once. It is in Marina Vallarta looking out on the harbor. The restaurant serves Mexican food like we have in the US, and it is good. The margaritas are oversized and tasty. The flan is, well, eh. That said, it is still overall a nice restaurant to relax and enjoy the sunset.

On Thursdays in the Marina, they have a street market where you can buy just about anything. I loved the bark paper artwork. If I didn´t already have such a heavy suitcase, I might have bought some. Of course you can also buy jewelry, clothes, collectibles, souvenirs, etc.

In El Centro, we really enjoyed Andarriegos. It is one block from the Pacific Ocean. The open air dining allows for a wonderful breeze as you enjoy your margarita. I don´t remember what we ate there, but it was very good. And the flan. DELICIOUS! Best flan I´ve ever had. Really.

For breakfast, I recommend La Canasta. It is a sweet little place in the Villa Vallarta shopping center. It is only open from 8.30 till about 3. Take the time and go there for great pancakes, fresh just squeezed orange juice and delicious coffee. Eva, the owner, is a delight. She works really hard. The prices are too good to be true. $150 pesos for two people for breakfast. That´s about $7 US.

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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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