I hate moving…

Ugh. Moving is a drag. Moving to another country is even more challenging. To date we have packed a few boxes, watched our living room, dining room and patio furniture leave without us, and have made travel arrangements for us and our pets. Still no place to live in Queretaro, although I’m confident something will turn up.

Our Fur-Babies

Traveling with five animals will be stressful enough. Just going through this move has been more than our new kitty can handle. She is behaving quite badly and I may need to re-home her before we go. I can’t have a bad cat in a rental. I hate to do it. I’m very attached to my pets, but Coco is fairly new to us and is quite shy, which means we haven’t really gotten that close. As it was, we rescued her and her kittens, all of which were adopted. Since then we’ve tried to get Coco to be part of the family. She is in love with Jack the Cat, but could easily live without us. I already made her plane reservation, but that can certainly be changed.

Boxes Everywhere!

Right now the house is a freaking disaster. There are boxes, papers, decor, clothes, and other detritus of life everywhere. We didn’t really unpack (what’s the point), so our suitcases have a prominent place in the middle of our bedroom.

Yesterday, we had some art appraisers come and look at the dragon (see photo above) and my great uncle’s oil paintings to determine if they would be able to sell them for us. At this point, they can just keep them if they can’t sell them. I don’t have the bandwidth to consider anything else.

It was amazing how different the house felt once all the artwork was off the walls. So far, we have packed 8 boxes. Not a lot, I know. Apparently, we were very good at getting rid of things!

This weekend, another friend will pickup our guest bedroom furniture, TV and remaining kitchen things. That will leave us with just our bedroom furniture and the couch in the den.

On the 15th, everything else goes, including us. We will have to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights before leaving for Queretaro on Saturday, Feb. 17. Yikes. No turning back now.

God help us!

Published by donnageisler

Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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