Well, here is so good news.


Lyn and I were both offered jobs at Globoworld, one of the language schools where we applied. Turns out, one of our contacts at VIA also sent our resumes to them. We both interviewed yesterday morning and we were both offered full-time positions.

Working in a language center isn’t like teaching in a school. The classes are mostly business English and are frequently offered at the company’s locations, so there may be a bit of traveling. In this case, Globoworld actually provides transportation via Uber, which is very economical down here.

The pay is not great, but we knew that going in. $10,000 MX each, or about $500 US per month each.

The hours will be interesting too. Most teachers work a split schedule. Morning shifts are typically 7-10 a.m. and then afternoons are largely between 3 and 10 p.m. Have I ever mentioned that I am not a morning person? I guess I will have to rearrange my sleep schedule so I can get up in the morning. Yikes!

Here we are having our celebratory evening out.

Lyn at Hank’s

Donna at Hank’s


We are heading out shortly to sign the lease on a house in El Refugio. The one I posted the pictures of a few days back. That process was not the easiest, but once again, I learned something new — how to make a wire transfer! We paid the rent for an entire year. That’s a lot of money. However, we felt that the landlord would feel more secure about us foreigners if we did so.

It’s a good thing, too, since our new incomes would just barely pay the rent.

I, for one, am excited to have an actual place that is our own. It is in a subdivision and even has a pool, so that will be nice. Once we get settled, I am going to look for a tennis club to join. I really need the exercise. At my age, not working out for more than two months results in saggy, crepe-like skin that is very unattractive!


On the immigration front, Lyn and I have appointments with the Mexican Consulate in Dallas on March 30th. We have all of our paperwork together and will most likely (please, please) be granted permanent residency at that time. That will make everything a lot easier here — no special work visas, etc. We will also be able to buy a car, if we decide we need one. We may, since we will be living in the “burbs.”

One issue we are facing is what to do with the dogs while we are gone. Andrea, our Airbnb host, recommended a place. I will check that out later this afternoon.

Ok, so that’s a lot of news for one day. Off to check some boxes off of the to-do list, and maybe do a little shopping!

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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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