Lyn and I have just started our new jobs. The first week was training. It was grueling, going over all the material we will teach at each level and how to use the computer system. Things like these become easier once you have to do them. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. The company does provide extensive amounts of material to use. That’s great! Having materials to use will make our lesson planning so much simpler.

Our employer, Globoworld, has made our jobs so much easier, not just be providing ample materials and structures, but by providing us with a great team of people who support us each and every day. I know working there is going to be awesome!

Up until now, we’ve spent a lot of time on personal things. We’ve spent all of our time together, and, in my opinion, could use some time apart, focusing on something other than ourselves. Fortunately for each of us, we have had our first assignments. We are very ready to begin this next step along our journey. I had to develop a 1.5 hour workshop on email communication. It was a bit nerve wracking at first, as there was not a lot of time for preparation, but I pulled it off and was ready to present it as a demo for a prospective new client. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up.

Having the opportunity to practice in front of our team in the office, however, was great. I helped me realize just how prepared I am and how well I speak in front of a group. Now I’m totally jazzed about starting my actually teaching work. I can’t wait to have a class of my own!

Lyn has been given his first group and is starting to teach tomorrow. He and I are actually going to be working out of separate locations. His office will be downtown, while mine is a bit on the outskirts. His first class has already met several times. They are “Basic 2” students, which means they have had some English coursework already. I know he is going to be awesome!


We are also scheduled to go to Dallas after Easter to get our permanent residence visas. One little glitch, however, might very well be our undoing — we still have not received our Marriage Certificate with Apostille. Despite having had a friend in Richmond, VA do all the footwork to get it for us, the FedEx package she sent on 3/14 has still not arrived. This document will not impact Lyn as much as it will me. You see, if your savings are in joint accounts, you have to have this Apostille to prove you are married and therefor that money covers you, too. Each person has to prove they have enough money to live on here in order to get this residency status. Just another reason, ladies, to keep your own money separate and apart from your spouse or partner!

Holy Week

This next week, being Holy Week, has also complicated our situation. No one here works Wednesday through Easter Sunday in observance of the Easter holidays. For us, that means less time available for delivery of our package.

Otherwise, we are enjoying the holiday spirit. People are out and about. There are entertainers, food vendors, and lots of families enjoying the festivities and the perfect weather. And, an extra bonus, we get 4 days paid holiday — and we’ve just started!

Life in Querétaro is good!

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3 thoughts on “Working

    1. I am so happy for both of you. Sounds like life is good!
      We woke up to giant snowflakes and a white blanket of snow all over our yard and the street. It melted by afternoon and the sun came out. How typical of Boise.
      I went to Treefort today to watch my Grandson play in a band. He was the drummer and he did a terrific job. It was fun to be there, although I was probably the oldest person in the audience. The people that attend sometimes wear some unusual outfits. It was great to just observe them. I felt like my clothes were very plain and I stood out from the crowd by being too ordinary! I can see why my Grandson and his friends love Treefort. It would be a lot of fun to just hang out for 4 days and listen to all of that music and socialize with all of your friends. They look forward to it all year. I love to hear all about “The Life and Times of Donna and Lyn” Pat H.


      1. Ooh, sounds like fun! I never went to Treefort while in Boise. Sounds to me like you should start a blog and tell the world about your adventures! Miss you bunches!


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