Don’t get too comfortable!

storm clouds over Querétaro

Just when I thought things might be settling down, we had a minor setback. Yesterday, as I was walking into the house, Sophie Poodle jumped up on me and knocked my phone out of my hand. It flew into the air and landed flat on its face, shattering the screen into tiny pieces.


I was so looking forward to a quiet day at home, catching up on grading papers and relaxing.

I live and die by my phone, like so many others these days. It is the way my office contacts me, my friends, and my neighbors. I use it for almost everything. Without it, I feel quite naked.

So, instead of resting, Lyn and I jumped back in the car and drove to Antea, the mall, where there is an authorized Apple store. To repair it will be $3,500 pesos, and it will take 5 days. You see, they have to ship it to Mexico City for the repairs.

Double Ugh.

That was yesterday.

Nothing like a dripToday, I had a little extra time, as I don’t teach in the morning. I was feeling great and looking forward to spending a little time outside, washing my car. There is a water spigot in the storage unit by our front door along with a hose. Bucket and rags and I’m all set to go.

Fifteen minutes later, I have a shiny car. Phew. Uneventful. But wait! When I go to turn the water off, it won’t turn all the way off! Now I have a drippy mess in my storage unit where everything left of my life in Boise is stored. Yikes.

Needless to say, a simple task turned into a not-so-simple task. We have not tools, and neither of us is strong enough to turn the spigot any harder.

My life on the streetFortunately, we have 24-hour security here, so I walked down there and asked for help. They called the condominium administrator. That was 10 minutes ago. Still waiting. Meanwhile, half of our belongings are on the grass in front of our home. Hopefully they will arrive before I have to leave for work in two hours.



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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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