It’s raining in Querétaro

clouds over el refugio

We had heard that Querétaro has a rainy season, although no one could tell us exactly when it was. I think it might be now.

It has been raining and cloudy for the past few days. Gone are the gorgeous, broad blue skies and spectacular sunsets. The drippy, runny, icky gray days have arrived.

I don’t typically mind a little rain. What I don’t like is when it rains for days on end. I am a creature of the sun. It feeds my soul and brightens my outlook. After a few days without it, I get downright blue.

Here, when it rains, it rains. Usually at night, which is good. Rain by night, sun by day. The way it should be. But the past few days have been stormy, complete with thunder and lightening. Because of the dry climate here, all of that rain has nowhere to go, flooding the streets and overwhelming the very basic drainage system here.

In El Refugio, they have canals dug into the medians so that the water can drain away from the homes, but sometimes they aren’t enough to divert it before the flower beds flood. Several of the main corridors downtown have similar canals. I can only wonder what it was like down there this morning.

The streets here were awful. Accidents on the main roads delayed traffic significantly. My usual 10 minute commute took 45 minutes.

I’m trying to stay optimistic, hoping that this rainy spell is only temporary and the normal sunny and dry climate will return. Rain at night? Ok. No problem. Just give me back my sunny days!

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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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