Wow. Who’d a-believed it?

Since the pandemic started some 8 months ago, Lyn and I have had a steady flow of people ringing our doorbell. Usually, it is someone politely begging or trying to sell nopales or other things. We also get the usual drop-offs of utility bills, meter readers and grocery deliveries. Otherwise, not much happens around here.

Today was unique. First, I don’t typically answer the door. That’s Lyn’s job, in the hopes that he will practice his Spanish with whoever is there. Sometimes, however, he is stymied and calls me for assistance. Today was one of those occasions.

The woman at the door was a mail carrier! In the three years we have lived in Mexico, we have not once seen a mail carrier or a post office. And here, at our doorstep, was a living, breathing, mail carrier. Interestingly, she didn’t have any mail to deliver to us. She just stopped by to introduce herself! (Her name is Gabriela.)

And, even more encouraging, she said there is a post office not far from our house on 5 de Mayo! Wowza!

This is the most exciting and interesting thing to have occurred in months.

The Natural Gas Saga

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Another set of recent visitors were from Engie – the natural gas providers here in the city. If you recall, we requested natural gas service in March 2019, a month before we moved into this house. We paid about $4,000 MX for the hook up.

Six weeks later, a man came to install the meter and discovered the line was stopped up. We asked our landlord to help us pursue the matter, since my Spanish isn’t up to the task of fighting over this issue, and she, as landlord, has a stake in it.

A year later… someone comes to the door to ask us about it. Well, apparently, we needed to sign a new contract. I told the person that, at that point, we just wanted our money back, but he convinced us that it would be just one week and we would know for sure if we could have the gas installed.

Six weeks later… someone comes to the door. …

Yesterday, another Engie rep came to the door. Yesterday was going to be the day! The workers were going to extend the gas line from the neighbors to our house and we would finally have natural gas. Not that it mattered. At this point, it would be a waste of money to transfer over our LP gas appliances to run on natural gas. The house, though, would have it for the next tenants.

One hour later… the workers arrive, explain what they are going to do, and, …

Well, do I need to actually say it? No natural gas.

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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

4 thoughts on “Wow. Who’d a-believed it?

    1. I’m not sure it should be attributed to incompetence. Things here are very bureaucratic and, if someone tells you to go one house over and connect the line, that’s what you do. No thinking. No second-guessing. If it doesn’t work, you wait until someone tells you to do something differently. You and I would “figure it out,” but that gets people in trouble here.

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