Wow. Who’d a-believed it?

Since the pandemic started some 8 months ago, Lyn and I have had a steady flow of people ringing our doorbell. Usually, it is someone politely begging or trying to sell nopales or other things. We also get the usual drop-offs of utility bills, meter readers and grocery deliveries. Otherwise, not much happens around here.Continue reading “Wow. Who’d a-believed it?”


As Hurricane Delta barrels down on the Yucatan, I find myself wondering what the hell we were thinking when we bought a house a literal stone’s throw from the Caribbean. While news outlets can’t agree whether it’s the third or the ninth storm of the season (wide gap there, guys), they do agree on itContinue reading “Weather”

The Paradox of the Dog

Note to reader: I wrote this while I was teaching a class on writing. The lesson was “show v. tell”. While it is sad, it is also what happened written as a narrative. Thanks for reading. Donna It’s well known that dogs don’t live as long as people, but seeing your beloved pet leave thisContinue reading “The Paradox of the Dog”

A tribute to my best friend…. Sophie Poodle

On August 30, 2020, our beloved poodle, Sophie, crossed over the rainbow bridge. For the last almost 13 years, Sophie was my constant companion. She never left my side if she didn’t have to. I took her everywhere — to work, hiking, visiting, protesting, … wherever I went that she was welcome. Sun, rain, snow…Continue reading “A tribute to my best friend…. Sophie Poodle”

Life is what happens…

Most of you know the saying — “life is what happens when you’ve made other plans,” so what is what happens when you don’t? If you ask me, it seems that things are always in flux. Nothing feels solid right now. It is like being stuck in a transporter beam and not being able toContinue reading “Life is what happens…”

A chapter ends, another begins.

Well, it has been a very stressful five months in lockdown. Not being able to keep to an active routine, not seeing students everyday, not having friends around — all of these things have made the time more difficult to endure. And yet, things continue to evolve in interesting and unexpected ways. As many ofContinue reading “A chapter ends, another begins.”