What day is it, anyway?

It’s been several weeks now that we’ve been stuck in this “contingency.” I think I may be getting used to it, if that’s possible. The streets here have been pretty empty. We’ve taken some photos to demonstrate some of the differences between “before” and “now.” Parking is definitely not an issue these days.    Continue reading “What day is it, anyway?”

Love in the time of Covid-19

Hello world! I hope you are well. Things are certainly strange here, although not so strange as they may be where you are. Here in Mexico, the world continues in much the same way it has. Those of us with the luxury of jobs that can be done via Internet are working from home, embracingContinue reading “Love in the time of Covid-19”

A bit of perspective

Hello friends! Greetings from QuerĂ©taro, where, as everywhere else in the world, a sense of unreality has set in. We are now living in a dystopian novel where a strange and frightening new virus is spreading globally at an unprecedented pace. So, what to do about it? DON’T PANIC! Those famous words are the firstContinue reading “A bit of perspective”

Joy is in the little things

Almost a year ago, my friends, Saadia and David, brought our “dragon” down from the US. The dragon isn’t really anything special in and of itself. However, it was the centerpiece of our home decor in Boise. I purchased the dragon from a friend (Ton) who worked in a Thai restaurant. The restaurant had twoContinue reading “Joy is in the little things”