Dallas, here I come!

Dallas, here I come!

New year, new hassles.

It only took 2 years to collect on my circuit city pension, and now the wonderful social security administration is taking its sweet time approving my retirement benefits. Ah, the government.

Not like it’s a lot of money. Down here a little goes a long way. This small retirement benefit covers my rent each month and is more than I actually earn in a month.

It’s just the hassle factor of collecting it.  I applied in July, so we are talking 6 months ago, and still nada. But finally, yesterday, after an hour talking to people who have no desire to help, I was connected with a manager. She told me that I could walk into any SSA office in the US and get it done right away. The issue at the moment is that I live in Mexico. Really? So why didn’t anyone tell me this before? It’s not like I haven’t called numerous times.

Apparently, the US Embassy handles all that stuff here, and there is no way to contact them directly.  And so, here I go. To Dallas (the fastest direct flight) to both handle this “glitch” and, since I’ll be there, pick up a year supply of Advocare!

Two birds with one very expensive stone. Argh.

(FYI, the image I picked represents how I feel about all this!)