Why is this so hard?

Why is this so hard?

It’s interesting that, while nothing is happening, I have things to say. Hmmph. What does that tell you? The ravings of an idle mind? Perhaps.

I have to say that after two weeks of semi-solitary confinement, I’m about due for a breakdown. Why is this so hard? I’m very comfortable being alone. I love my house. I have a wonderful husband and very cuddly four-legged friends. So what’s the deal?

One friend suggested that it is a loss of control over just about everything that leads to this sense of abject powerlessness. Ok, I can hear you all chuckling — what, Donna? A control freak? Ha! It may, however, be true.

For example, the last thing I felt I had some control over was my teaching. However, now that everything has changed, I find myself once again stumbling around trying to figure everything out. You would think I would be used to starting over again after how much I’ve had to do it over the years. Why is this so different?

Age, perhaps. Lack of outlets for my frustrations, perhaps. Anxiety about the future, yeah that one for sure. Concern about those I love, positively. But it isn’t like I’ve ever had control over these things. Right? But now there are new terrors in the dark nights, new dragons to slay, new and unseen enemies to conquer.

Will I survive? Oh, no doubt. My fears have never been about ultimate survival; rather it is the “going through” that draws battle lines in my heart and soul, the “getting by” that leaves the scars. Though there is little space left for new pain to carve in this old warrior. But it will have to be enough.




Love in the time of Covid-19

Love in the time of Covid-19

Hello world!

I hope you are well. Things are certainly strange here, although not so strange as they may be where you are. Here in Mexico, the world continues in much the same way it has. Those of us with the luxury of jobs that can be done via Internet are working from home, embracing the challenges of pets and noise, distractions and disruptions. We spend our non-working hours bleaching our doorknobs and checking our savings accounts.

Those who are not as fortunate continue to hawk their wares on the streets, beg at the stoplights and eek out a meager living as best they can. The restaurants are still turning tables. The stores, banks, and various businesses that rely on tourists and passersby remain open and optimistic, as foolhardy and that may seem.

It seems as if we have entered into the dystopian novels that have been warning us for years about what was to come.

Well, guess what? It’s here. Now. Everywhere.

No one is immune.

Keeping in touch is more important than ever, especially for us extrovert types who thrive on the energy of kindred spirits. I miss you all, even though I may live thousands of miles away.

I have found solace in apps/programs like FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom, which let me enjoy a glass of wine or coffee with a friend without compromising the quarantine.

I try to stay busy, working on my lessons, learning new skills, etc. Some days I just enjoy lying on the sofa playing solitaire on my iPad or binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Currently I’m engrossed in the new Netflix Star Trek Discovery series. Very good! Wine and chocolate are stocked in the pantry, although they have to be restocked frequently. (oops!)


One of the things I miss is a good book, though. Suggestions anyone? It needs to be available online, but I’m open to just about anything.

On the bright side, street parking has become a breeze, so I have a premo spot right across from my house. The dogs are well walked, and the flowers are blooming. The jacaranda here are amazing!

Toilet Paper is Plentiful!

For those of you that can’t find TP, there’s plenty here. I’d ship it to you, but it would take six weeks. You might as well jump on a plane for what it would cost to ship! Of course you can’t do that, now, can you?

Mexico isn’t considered a first-world country, although it has most of the same things as other more developed parts of the world. It is quite poor in many areas, but the people here are the most gracious, giving and loving people I have ever met.

Fortunately, in QuerĂ©taro, we have everything — technology, resources, food, a great quality of life, a thriving cultural scene, and the capacity to grow and flourish. I’m really glad we are here, where the sun shines brightly and the people live life deeply and fully.


Of course, the dogs are keeping us from being total couch potatoes. Here are some pics, and freebie of a crocheted baby Yoda doll from an Uber I rode in a while back.

Let's go!
Let’s go!
high alert
On high alert!

Stay well my friends, and stay in touch!


A bit of perspective

A bit of perspective

Hello friends! Greetings from Querétaro, where, as everywhere else in the world, a sense of unreality has set in. We are now living in a dystopian novel where a strange and frightening new virus is spreading globally at an unprecedented pace. So, what to do about it?


Those famous words are the first line from one of my favorite books, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and, folks, they remain the best advice out there.

Please peeps, I’m begging you, use some common sense. Social distancing is not the same as isolating yourself in your house surrounded by massive amounts of toilet paper and Oreos. It means limiting the amount of time you spend in close proximity to other people.

The sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, and life is still going on. Get yourself outside into the sunlight! Take a walk (your dogs are counting on you). Stop, as they say, and smell the flowers!

Taking precautions.

I’m not saying not to be prepared. By all means, buy some supplies (without hoarding, that is). Make sure the people you love have what they need. But don’t go crazy. There are still many things to be done, so do them. Just do them sensibly.

It is easy to lapse into a depression with all the changes coming onto rapidly, especially for certain personality types. Making sure to keep an optimistic attitude is, perhaps, the best thing you can do for those who struggle, particularly now when things are changing so quickly.

For me, finding humor is essential. I happen to love cat videos and other animal related things. Cats and dogs are so innocent, spontaneous and downright hilarious! If you’re looking for a source for these, Daily Mail and Buzzfeed usually have some great stuff. For example, I just loved this meme:

Humans are incredibly resilient. We are also a social species that needs human contact, so don’t stop interacting! In today’s high tech world, we can get together online, in chatrooms, FaceTime, WhatsApp and more. Stay in touch with people, even if you can’t go visit them for a while.

On a positive note, families with children are learning once again how to stay busy and entertained at home, reconnecting with each other rather than with peers at schools or social gatherings. I’ve seen a ton of great ideas on Facebook for how to deal with the boredom that may set in.

We will be judged not by our survival but by our character during this time. Be sure to leave your paranoia at the door! Remember to check-in on your neighbors and others who need more help. Let’s show ourselves that humanity is worth saving.