The Paradox of the Dog

Note to reader: I wrote this while I was teaching a class on writing. The lesson was “show v. tell”. While it is sad, it is also what happened written as a narrative. Thanks for reading. Donna It’s well known that dogs don’t live as long as people, but seeing your beloved pet leave thisContinue reading “The Paradox of the Dog”

A tribute to my best friend…. Sophie Poodle

On August 30, 2020, our beloved poodle, Sophie, crossed over the rainbow bridge. For the last almost 13 years, Sophie was my constant companion. She never left my side if she didn’t have to. I took her everywhere — to work, hiking, visiting, protesting, … wherever I went that she was welcome. Sun, rain, snow…Continue reading “A tribute to my best friend…. Sophie Poodle”

What day is it, anyway?

It’s been several weeks now that we’ve been stuck in this “contingency.” I think I may be getting used to it, if that’s possible. The streets here have been pretty empty. We’ve taken some photos to demonstrate some of the differences between “before” and “now.” Parking is definitely not an issue these days.    Continue reading “What day is it, anyway?”

Easter in Querétaro

So much to say, today, but first, I want to focus on my Sophie Poodle. It is Easter here. Ninety-plus percent of the people in Mexico are Catholic. That makes Easter one of the biggest holidays of the year, here. In Querétaro, most businesses shut down from Thursday to Sunday. People are everywhere! Strolling downContinue reading “Easter in Querétaro”