What a Week!

Donna at Advocare in Dallas

OMG, I can’t believe only a week has gone by. It feels more like a lifetime.


For starters, Lyn and I both started working this week. So far, all of Lyn’s classes are at night, every night during the week. He now has several classes and has participated in evaluating prospective new students.

Me, I only have one class right now. I missed the first one because we were in Dallas. I did teach the second one. It is at a company with offices out toward the airport. There are seven students. All are Basic 1 level, so just beginning.

I really like the people at Globoworld. They are amazing. Very young, and very accomplished. They love what they do, and they have been super supportive of us.


Then there was the Dallas trip. We left on Tuesday morning around 4 a.m. and returned Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. The purpose was to obtain our permanent resident visas from the Mexican Consulate. Lyn was successful in obtaining his, but mine presented some challenges.

If you will recall, the first hurdle was getting an Apostille copy of our marriage certificate. The Apostille is a government issued seal that certifies that the marriage is recognized internationally by all parties to the Hague Convention. It took two weeks, but I did have that.

The issue then became that I had been married before, so I still needed to prove that I am the same person on the marriage certificate. To do that, I needed an Apostille of my birth certificate.

I have tried on numerous occasions to get a copy of my birth certificate from the State of New Jersey, where I was born. The process looks to be simple until you get into it. To make the request on-line, you have to have proof of everywhere you lived and copies of marriage and divorce papers. That is where I always got stuck and gave up.

This time, I called the county office where I was born and spoke with a wonderful woman named Beatrice, who give me step-by-step instructions of how to get everything done without a trip to NJ. Since I have family nearby, they were able to do the footwork. I only had to provide a notarized copy of a “delegation of authority” allowing them to pick it up and a pre-paid envelope for the state to return it with the Apostille.

Step one — getting a certified copy of my birth certificate — has been completed, with same having been forwarded to the appropriate state agency. Now we wait. Once it gets here, I will have to schedule another trip to Dallas to get my visa.

While we were there, we also took the opportunity to pick up some AdvoCare products from the HQ Will Call. We could only get as much as we could put in our suitcases. Hopefully I can get more on the next trip.

Our doctor in Boise also called in some prescriptions for us that we have had trouble getting in Mexico.

Lastly, I was able to ship my favorite Rodan & Fields skin care products to a consultant in Dallas and pick them up while we were there.

Phew, that was a lot to fit into two days.

The Move

Lyn in the new house
Lyn relaxing in the new house.

We also moved into our new house this week. Since Lyn was working, it fell on me to get most of it done. We are still getting organized. Since the house was completely furnished, there aren’t places to put our artwork and personal effects. Fortunately, there is a small storage closet where we can keep them, for now.

We did buy an air conditioner/mini split for the upstairs. At night, there seems to be a lot of noise from the surrounding homes — people outdoors, dogs barking, cars, etc. With the windows open (which I love), you can hear everything. It has been difficult to sleep, so we decided the investment into an air conditioner would help keep things cool and, more importantly, quiet through the night.

Of course, the unit has to be installed. That will be on Wednesday.

Last week we had to have the washer/dryer installed. We are still trying to figure out how to use it.


Sophie and her new friends at Pension 3 Perros
Sophie & Izzy settling in

They really enjoyed their time at doggie camp at Pension 3 Perros. They have settled in here nicely as well.

So, a lot has happened. There is so much more to tell you, but, for tonight, this has to be it. Still recovering from the week. Need sleep.



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