Sunday: Day 2

Mexico is a Catholic country. Not surprisingly, therefore, many places are closed on Sunday. Today we learned that people who don’t work on Sundays include our 24-hour security guards. Fortunately for us, I was able to use my foot to dislodge the rod holding the gate down and open it. Otherwise we and our groceries would still be standing out there! A young man in the apartment closest to the gate told me later about the Sunday issue and promised me he would get a key for us tomorrow.

Before we were so challenged, Lyn and I wandered around Villa Vallarta — the shopping center across the main road from our apartment and where the school is located. We met a gentleman named Arturo who works at one of the shops. Most people are very kind to us, but even more so when we tell them our plan to move to Mexico. Today we learned that moving to Mexico will make us “salted feet,” i.e., locals/natives.

We then rode the bus to Marina Vallarta, where the cruise ships come in. It is also home to the 24-hour WalMart. The MEGA store close to us is more than adequate for most of our needs, but the WalMart has precios baja (lower prices) and carries even more goods than the MEGA, including food.

I have taken to the habit of carrying my foldable sacs with me, so we took the opportunity to do a little grocery and other shopping. First on the list were pillows. The ones here are ok for sleeping, but inadequate for reading. So pillows, pillowcases and some cleaning supplies made it into the shopping cart. I also bought some sharp knives (don’t get me started on the kitchen here) and some additional forks and things.

Once again, I cooked. This time spaghetti with meat sauce. It is nice to eat in. As much as I like to eat out, I enjoy my own cooking and know it won’t make me ill. As time goes on, I expect to have provided this apartment with spices and utensils that most normal adults use everyday.

House Update

Last night we received the first offer on our home in Boise. Cash, $5000 over list. Wow. First offer. There has been one more, and another is expected tomorrow. Looks like the house is going to sell!


Sophie and Izzy have been cooling their heels at Kassie’s house while the house is being shown. They seem to have settled right in!

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