Looking ahead

I’m not sure if I’m glad the weekend is almost over or if I’m dreading the week ahead. Both options seem right.

Lyn and I spent all weekend working on our various assignments. Have I mentioned how much I hate grammar? It isn’t getting any better. In fact, it is getting worse. All of the various tenses are jumbled in may head, making it hard for me to write in fear that I am breaking the rules! At this point, I’m so tired, I don’t really care. Now, that’s the attitude!

Checking In

Today I also tried to make contact with some friends and family. Apparently, everyone is going ahead with their lives without us.  (;>(  Oh well, what can you expect when you up and move thousands of miles away, to a foreign country no less! Geez, Donna.

Next week, Justin and I will be teaching 6th graders. While I’m looking forward to that, I am also thinking about the 4th grade class that Lyn and I taught last week. I totally forgot to take pictures of them.

Friday’s class was very distracted. The regular teacher was taking some of the students out of the room and sending others in. While I recognize that we are the “substitute teachers” for that one hour a day, we are still trying our best to accomplish some things and hone our classroom management skills. Friday’s lesson never really got off the ground, so Lyn and resorted to our back-up plan — coloring! We had the kids put their names in big colorful letters on a sheet of paper and then write or draw one thing they like and one they hate. We then put the finished works on the board.

Although I didn’t get a photo of the drawings in class, I did take them home and post them on a wall for a photo so I could share them with you.

Saturday Night Fun

The rest of our group decided to go out Saturday night to a drag show. Apparently the talent here is quite good. Lyn and I opted to stay in for several reasons, among which was my constant need for a good night’s sleep.

By the photos they posted, it looks as though they had a blast!

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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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