Another year bites the dust.

Feature Photo: September Girls Trip to Cancun (more info below).

I can’t believe it is mid-December 2021. Does anyone else feel like they’re stuck a dystopian novel? I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. The last two years have both dragged by and flown by.

We’ve been in Merida now for 11 months. We still aren’t in our own home. I’m tired of renting. I just want to feel “settled.” Is that even possible? Merida is a beautiful city, but we’ve hardly had time to look around. Between the pandemic and our schedules, getting out to enjoy the place hasn’t been easy.

Recent events also have me thinking about life — both Lyn’s aunt and his mother died this year. One unexpectedly, the other was no surprise. (In fact, Lyn is in Boise taking care of his mother’s things as I write this.) Then there are the three times we’ve moved since we’ve been in Merida — two Airbnbs and one rental house. Moving is exhausting and expensive.

Our original goal was to be in our own home by this past April so we could get our finances back on track. Nothing went as planned, and yet time marches on. We did finally find a community with a house plan that we like and are in the process of building our new “home.” Hopefully (and I do stress *hopefully*) we will be able to move in before March. At least once a week I drive by the lot to see what’s happening. Just this week they’ve put some of the walls up.

So, in essence, things change and things stay the same. Life.

Good Things Too

In the “good news” category, I have joined a club and am playing a little tennis again. I must say, though, that the two-year break hasn’t helped my stamina or strength. I’m going to the gym, well, occasionally (I know, I know…), but aging bodies need a little extra help getting back into shape.

Lyn is now teaching online with a German company. He’s enjoying it, I think. I’m still teaching my private classes, although I took December off to regroup a bit.

If you move to the beach, they will come!

As expected, once we moved closer to the beach people started to visit us. So far, we’ve had friends from Mexico City, Querétaro and the US visit us, and next year, I expect several more people to come and visit. In fact, my friend from Chicago is actually buying a house in the same neighborhood as we are! And, another friend from Boise who’s been living in Guanajuato is also going to visit. She has a niece here who is getting married.

One great weekend, my friend Jeane from North Carolina and 13 of her girlfriends came to Cancun. My friend Paola flew from QRO and she and I drove to Cancun meet them. It was a blast! Cenotes, beach time, a catamaran adventure, and more!

Some of my students from Querétaro came to visit for a long weekend. That was fun! We went to a wonderful cenote, saw a light show at Uxmal (archeological site), and spent a day at the beach. We crammed in a lot, but it was great.

I’ve also made a few new friends. Maria Angeles worked with the team from her home here in Merida. She and I went out one night to a cool party at a hacienda. Then there is Maru, my neighbor. I don’t get to see either of them often, but it’s nice to know there are there!

I’m out of the habit of writing, so I think I’ll end here for now.

So while 2021 wasn’t a *bad* year, please, 2022, be *better.*

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Former marketing professional turned teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Lover of poodles, large and small.

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